Introducing the Dancing Queen

The new collection “Dancing Queen” by Remi Sabbah promises to keep you on your toes and ready to dance. The retro, energetic and fun vintage pieces inspired by 1940s elegant silhouettes and the classic peignoir, are suited for the daring modern muse with an appetite for nostalgia. Each piece from this new high-end vintage inspired collection embodies a unique woman with an indelible idiosyncrasy hailing from a different city and culture. It narrates a story fashioned by a woman about a woman.

Crafted with lavish fabrics and beautifully stitched the collection oozes eclecticism. The tailored to perfection standout pieces are made to be swished and flaunted and the collection teems with timeless designs any woman would treasure. The statement looks could be worn to myriads of special occasions and soirees since they comprise from slip dresses to boudoir gowns- anything a woman needs to showcase her impeccable feted style. The flamboyant pieces are easy to combine for captivating ensembles making this the perfect feminine collection for glamorous party girls who know how to let their hair down and have a ball. 

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