How Internet Pornography Adversely Affects Society

cheap Canada Goose I still remember a time during my adolescent years when looking at canada goose stockists uk an canada goose outlet uk intimate scene in a romantic movie would titillate my ‘just being adult’ senses. However, now when I divert my attention to the Internet and find how easy it has become to visit the sites where explicit adult content is on open display, it leaves me feeling angry! What I feel is that many porn sites are not contributing towards anything constructive, but on the contrary are actually creating a niche of perverts and dysfunctional people who pollute our society and encourage all sorts of immoral and deviant activities! cheap Canada Goose

My assumptions are that open displays of feminine canada goose outlet toronto factory figures, which traditionally was always a ‘mysterious beauty’ rather than a ‘saleable object’, has corrupted the attitudes of many young men and enhanced canada goose jacket outlet toronto the rate of discrimination, exploitative behavior and also sex related crimes.

canada goose store This ‘pseudo net savvy’ clan considers women as objects that satisfy lust and nothing else. To make matters worse, rapes have transcended the parameters of adult women only, to include minors. Even girls as young as 4 or 5 years old, whom we ‘sane’ individuals identify as infants, are being victimized by perverts to satisfy their canada goose outlet in usa deranged sexual appetite. God knows whether they actually get any pleasure out of this erotic lust, but we cannot deny that we are again heading towards a prehistoric time when women were treated no better than animals. And the issue that concerns me the most is whether the availability of websites that show child pornography has actually created a platform and even a sub section of society, that operates, promotes, and communicates freely, in a coordinated effort to promote this crime, and directly contributed to an increase of these types of crimes. canada goose store

canada goose black friday sale Depriving women from getting their due respect continues in developed nations, where canada goose outlet in vancouver ill treatment of women is prominent. Women receive less pay for doing the same work, workplace harassment and molestation continues, and cultural attitudes are still prevalent that make women nothing but pitiable creatures. Can we say that pornography in any way helps women reach a respectable level canada goose outlet vancouver of gender equality? Or does pornography only enhance and re enforce these negative and exploitative attitudes? canada goose black friday sale

canada goose coats Does the increasing popularity of pornography explain in some way why there is a growing demand among women today to have lighter skin and hair colour, less bodily hair, breast implants, silicon surgery, cosmetic vaginal surgery, and butt tucks? Are sexual preferences influenced by the amount and type of pornography that men watch? And to what extent is pornography shaping male fantasies, rather than reflecting them? canada goose coats

Canada Goose online When will we understand that bikini clad women and semi naked females in today’s mainstream media are not identified with respect or as an epitome of womanhood? But instead canada goose outlet ottawa they are nothing more than visual treats of our overtly sexualized population. What effect does the adult industry have on mainstream media? Canada Goose online

canada goose deals Sexuality is THE dominant force in all forms of advertising and marketing. Even in politics, the language we use reflects this. The British government went to war after politicians demanded that intelligence information be ‘sexed up’ to portray Iraq as posing canada goose factory outlet more of a credible threat than the truth represented. canada goose deals

Canada Goose Parka I was shocked to see the statistics presented by The Daily Mail in late April this year. It showcased alarming data about the traffic that gets attracted towards porn content every day. Further research revealed that more than 30% of the daily online traffic is comprised of those who land straight into porn sites and do not look elsewhere. As if this was not enough the statistics further canada goose outlet kokemuksia revealed that the most known and ‘most canada goose outlet store calgary preferred’ porn sites, like Xvideos and YouPorn enjoy more than four billion page canada goose outlet uk sale views a month, coupled with over 300 million unique views. This is really the height of it, as the number can only be compared with heavy weight players in the web world like CNN, Facebook and Google! Canada Goose Parka

Canada Goose sale Yet more alarming was another fact stated by The Daily Mail. It revealed that while the most talked about news portals do not enjoy more than 5 to 6 minutes of traffic stay, which is actually enough time for reading a news snippet, these porn sites have records of global visitors staying there for 15 to 20 minutes. Canada Goose sale

But when I and a few of my like minded friends cram our heads thinking how distasteful the ‘porn loving’ global traffic is, this very notion is emerging as the full proof tool of many widgets in helping their partner websites with more enhanced traffic turn up than they had ever experienced. Unfortunately, the most alarming thing about this is that the websites who employ, or deploy, these widgets are either too oblivious about the fact or only concerned with the traffic algorithms that they see and nothing else. But don’t we have any responsibility towards our society other than our own selfish needs? God knows why we forget that we live in an extended family outside of our cocoon, and that is our society. Anything that is harmful to society will burn us in its ‘ugly’ fire in due course.

canada goose It is not only the rate of a porn devouring population that is my concern, but canada goose outlet ontario the ways and means that are being devised to make these explicit sites ‘more user friendly’, that has made me startled. The other day I was searching the Internet to find out a list of downloadable sites that are safe for my system. What I found made my jaw drop. There were lists of ‘safe porn sites’. The entire arrangement of words appeared juxtaposed to each other because porn cannot be safe for everybody, even if the sites are free from computer viruses. canada goose

Canada Goose Jackets But the snippet was there, sticking canada goose outlet location out of my computer screen. As I opened one site, the opening paragraph made me even canada goose outlet houston sicker. It referred to guys 13 and over. What does this mean? ’13 years old’ and ‘guy’ to be honest, the terms were not harmonising with each other! At 13 we still remain kids, and this site seemed to encourage a kid to see porn! However, I started reading further. The first subheading was that of RedTube, a supposedly ‘hit’ porn site. The researcher had to say that it was safe for your system too! And what about the health of the society and the canada goose outlet niagara falls implication of these pornographic videos on an immature mind let’s not discuss that. Canada Goose Jackets

Anyhow, the article pinpointed that Alexa has ranked RedTube as the 114th most visited site, and as I read further, I was literally ‘introduced’ to other MOST WANTED porn sites one by one. I was amazed to see an interview of a porn star on TV recently. Her confidence and her way of showcasing herself depicted the level of conviction that would give any top film stars a sleepless night! Well, she was actually being given a parallel status as that of any top Hollywood celebrity! She was even being inquired of her future plans to join mainstream movies! Astonishment after astonishment for me her reply was, “I don’t care as our industry is a million dollar one’. This puts another stamp of evidence on the booming profitability of the porn industry and its obvious impact on society, children and women.

canadian goose jacket I don’t have a vengeance towards her or any other porn stars, as after all, it is their profession. But look at the media. How can such a powerful engine Canada Goose Outlet forget that children have access to it as well? Moreover, by hosting a porn star’s interview, they are doing nothing but indirectly encouraging children, who are still immature to judge between what is wrong and what is right, to take up watching pornography canada goose outlet factory as a popular means of entertainment just like cartoons or television soaps. It seems that, more and more in the Western world, porn stars are becoming equally as ‘sought after’ as celluloid celebrities are. canadian goose jacket

I understand that parents are responsible for the actions of their children, and recognize there exist Internet filters and safeguards canada goose outlet store uk that parents can use to help regulate what their children view online, but this laissez faire attitude of governance, to allow the individual to make the ‘right’ decision, all the time, while commendable and righteous in principle, simply doesn’t work in reality. Take a look at what happens when we in the west are given the freedoms we fight so hard to preserve. We become obese. We buy computer games, movies and music for our children that come with 15 and 18 certificates (which is a crime, by the way). We feed them junk food. We buy them what they want, when they want it, with scant regard for the wider implications.

Canada Goose Outlet Look at it another way. In most countries, driving a car without a seatbelt is illegal. Why? Because governments have a duty to protect their citizens from the dangers of driving. Does this law impede my civil rights by limiting the choices I wish to make? Does it censor my right to self determination? Is it an example of the government imposing restrictions on how I should live my life? Sure, but it’s done for the collective good. Whether we like it or not, if we agree with it or not, the principle of utilitarianism has merit, and even more so when it concerns our children. Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose coats on sale There was a time during my teenage years when my friends and I used to idolize our favorite celluloid stars and tried to follow their style, their attitude, their way of walking and talking. But whom will the children of this generation idolize a porn star? I also remember that some of my friends would become so engrossed with the charisma of our favorite movie stars that the thought of taking acting as a profession did come to their minds on a regular basis. But what will be the aims and ambitions of children today who have open access to pornography and porn canada goose outlet real sites? Will it be aspirations of becoming millionaires by being porn stars and engaging in distasteful canada goose shop uk skin shows? I am simply bewildered. canada goose coats on sale

buy canada goose jacket As my research on pornography and its effects on society were actively taking shape, my attention was grabbed by an article which portrayed how online porn is acting as the major catalyst in enhancing the rate of crimes in Scotland. In this cntext, I wish to quote the comments of Sandy Brindley, an interviewee “There seems to be more young people committing sexual offences and this could be linked to the accessibility of extreme pornography.” buy canada goose jacket

The reports of Scotland police justify the remark for sure. They have presented a report which states that sex crimes during 2011 2012 were 10% more than what it was previously. The percentage of rapes and attempted rapes in Scotland during these years was 13% more. I was disappointed, but not surprised to see one more piece of information; around the first week of June 2012, a twelve year old boy molested and raped a nine year old girl after watching hard core pornography.

canada goose clearance sale I recently came across a scholarly research on crimes related to pornography on a site, Contentwatch, It stated that a survey was conducted on 100 rape victims. 28% among them reported that their sexual abusers were porn site visitors, and 12% of the victims emphasized that the rapists’ imitated sex acts shown in those X rated videos while committing the crime. I was speechless reading this. Is pornography throwing a challenge to the structure and function of our brain? canada goose clearance sale

Many of us continue to struggle in order to establish sex and Internet education in schools, parallel with drug and alcohol advice, so that our children do not land into situations that hamper their mentality, life and perspective towards our society.

buy canada goose jacket cheap The open world of online pornography, to which children today often have unregulated access, at quite a tender age, undoubtedly corrupts their minds. What will happen to a child when he/she sees a man and a woman involved in pornographic sexual acts, when the child is too immature to judge that it is extremely objectionable? But it’s not just images of a man and a woman having sex, in itself, that is so bad. Most pornography sites project videos and images of forced sex, gang rape, torture to women during conjugal activities, and other degrading and sexually violent content. I mean, i know everyone says it’s everywhere, but until you read some of the statistics and numbers, you don’t fully appreciate the size and scale of it. Great links as well, from credible sources. buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose clearance Can’t believe just how big internet porn really is. I canada goose outlet store near me mean, i know everyone says it’s everywhere, but until you read some of the statistics and numbers, you don’t fully appreciate the size and scale of it. Great links as well, from credible sources canada goose clearance.