Cyprus, Limassol


People in touch with their inner child never grow old. Age is a number, a perception of the mind and perceptions are illussionary. I learnt this being engulfed by elder people in my life; young vibrant souls illuminating the spaces around them. I had always been showered in their love and tender advice: “Stay young at heart and your beauty will never fade, a happy soul always radiates.” I did not really understand this as a young girl but growing older their wisdom sinks into my soul and I am really content about it.

Thus, I was thrilled to receive my Tchi-Tchi doll; a diverse culture piece to adorn my outfit, a playful touch to my everyday “grown-up” looks. I have always had a passion for art-anything that speaks to my soul and rekindles my curiosity and wonderment for life. Of course I  had to try my artistic piece with my turtle neck red dress with which it fit perfectly. Fashion is our playground and dressing up is a girl’s prerogative, no matter her age.

Wearing MlleEpaulette FW 2016

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