Since Valentine’s Day is almost here, I have decided to give you a gift of my own and share with you an amazing lesson on how to maintain your focus in hard times. I was actually inspired to write about it when I got my new Daniel Wellington watch; its timeless finesse and gold tinted finish reminded me of an old friend who used to ask me the same question over and over when I was at a breaking point: “What time is it?” The first few times I answered reluctantly but he would always say “No you are wrong now is the time that will never be again”

His words still resonate with me today. It is true that the greatest battles are the ones we give internally but it is these daily strives that define us. I am sure that you can all think of that one person who seems to be able to hold it together and shower everyone with positive vibes and comforting smiles. But how do we get there?

It’s often the ones that are faced with the greatest ordeals that seem to have the ability to reach into that inexhaustible human reservoir of strength, love and perseverance. Facing obstacles is not necessarily something to be pessimistic about for it is through challenges that we get to re-invent ourselves.

We need to stop working against the clock and wishing for the past to change or for the future to be in our favor. Instead take a deep breath and resolve to concentrate in the present moment. If there is a challenge ahead of you then now is the time to take charge. Never stay still; stillness is just a sign of nonexistence.

Now is a time like no other, because now will never be again. My friend’s words always kept me in focus. Somehow when we are reminded that we are ephemeral, that we have a finite existence, a set number of days; time becomes invaluable and everything is put in perspective.

So take a look at your watch now is the time to dream a new dream, it’s
time to take action…

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Happy Valentines Day







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