instabul jump

Driven by my unquenched desire for whimsical places and consumed by wanderlust I once again found myself lost in Instabul. Eternally vibrant, full of enticing aromas and rich in history Instabul never seizes to disclose one by one the secrets of its many past lovers; its conquerors on each one of my trips there.

I was rejoiced by the news that I would be travelling to one of the most cherished places in my heart. I arrived in the city of a hundred names, with a plan though. I would spare myself some much needed alone time. It is easy to lose touch with yourself in the haste and noise of  everyday life, so a long walk by myself to recharge my batteries would the best remedy against every day routine.


I decided to dress myself in the simplest and classiest of ways. Ripped dark blue jeans, my most comfy pair of trainers, my favourite sunnies and a few golden accessories to accentuate the simple look would be ideal.  Walking and taking in the amalgam of cultures, I came across an old building and made it up to its dome placed on one of the highest points in the city. My long walk was truly rewarding, not only did I reconnect with myself but with my inner child as well.

Sony Turkey Collaboration, pictures by Ilkin Karacan

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