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Walking contradiction

            Limassol, Cyprus

Being a child I loved drawing outside the lines – it gave me the freedom of expressing myself in my own terms. Growing up nothing really changed much since my early years. I never miss a chance of mixing different pieces like romantic dresses and metallic statement jackets and sandals.

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Inspo 101

            Hong Kong

Books, films, documentaries, trips, new people constitute encrypted sources of invaluable knowledge for me

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Oh, the places you ‘ll go


Being a perpetual seeker from a young age helps you endure all, adopt an optimistic outlook; have an everlasting excitement for life. Life is a game and once you figure that out you start playing it while retaining your childhood enthusiasm.

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Bewitched in Milan

            Milan, Italy

Sophia Loren and Claudia Cardinale two of the most bewitching beauties of all times are only two of the innumerous Italian divas who paved the way and defined class and elegance. Reveling in the view from my balcony there was only one thing I could think of – how Italy with its many facets is highly addictive.

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