Santorini is an island in the Aegean Sea, in the southern most part of Cyclades a cluster of dazzling Greek islands. The island of Santorini will mesmerize you; it is a jewel in the archipelagos. The climate is ideal for summer holidays and the views are simply breathtaking.

The first thing that strikes you once you open your window in Santorini is the stunning view of the wide blue sea which is contrasted by the white marble houses with the deep blue domes. I fell in love with the place instantly. It is the perfect destination to have a romantic holiday, alternatively you can enjoy the serenity of the small villages and relax with friends on the crystal clear beaches. I had the opportunity to take some amazing pictures so that I can share with you the divine beauty of the island. Formed by a series of volcanic eruptions, Santorini combines mountainous landscapes with traditional architecture; you have the opportunity to enjoy a view of the whole island from the mountain tops.
The islanders are very friendly and welcoming, there are many traditional restaurants where you can taste some amazing dishes and enjoy a glass of frappe, a kind of Greek coffee.  The  elegant bare lines,  the small arches and domes that border the narrow streets along with the over flown flower pods will give you the impression that you have been somehow transported in an impressionist painting, every stroke drawn to perfection.

I stayed in a beautiful place high up in the hills that seemed to reach heaven. I was instantly taken in by the beauty of the island and I had a wonderful time. While in Santorini you leave your everyday worries behind and just immerse yourself into the calming nature of this Garden of Eden. I wouldn’t recommend wearing high heels since the roads are pebble paved so you will have a hard time getting around.

I chose to wear a white one piece bathing suit and a laced skirt that made a wonderful outfit for a place where you always need to be ready to jump into the sea, I styled my look with Chanel esprandilles and Prada shades. Another option would be to wear an aerial summer shift dress; I chose a lovely white dress from nasty gal for the ultimate summer look. I would advise you to pack your lightest clothes and all of your pairs of bikinis and swimsuits because you are definitely going to need them.

There is no better way to explore the island than on foot, allowing time to take everything in. If you are a more adventurous type I would suggest visiting the villages of Santorini and going for a hike in the mountains. Oia village made a lasting impression on me, I also had the opportunity to go on a donkey ride and explore the wild nature of the island. Once you are done you can have a glass of local wine and taste traditional delicacies on one of the coffee shops all around the island.

Santorini is a paradise on earth, a picture perfect place that you need to see
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