Instabul, Turkey




“Wow!” I exclaimed “Life always finds its way even through the darkest of places indeed”.  A forgotten by time building located at the suburbs on Instabul seemed like the ideal place for a mini exploration adventure. Instabul with its share of troubles in these unfortunate times for humanity, was pulsating here with life and vibrating with what was left behind in hope for revival.  A cherished advice I always keep in mind when travelling is that the best views are found in secluded places away from the fuss and the buzz of the city.

When we occasionally detach ourselves, we might find a window to peacefully enjoy the city and reflect on the soul. We could even find wildflowers gracefully blooming in abandonment, to remind us of the mystical miracle called life. Flawlessly grown in a place where every kind of hope is lost these wildflowers blossom persistently and resist conformity to the harsh reality.  Just like wildflowers we should empower ourselves to graciously grow in all the places people thought we never would.

Sony Turkey Collaboration, pictures by Ilkin Karacan

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