Pont Des Arts


Hello dears…. I hope you are having a wonderful time wherever you are… Remember to live each day to the fullest and to never give up on your dreams. As for me I am still residing in Paris and I try to take advantage of each second of my stay here.

Today I decided to wear my brand new Dolce ensemble and make a fashion statement in the Pont des Arts in Paris. The bridge of lovers is famous for the myriads of locks couples from all over the world have hung on its railings. Since love was in the air, I decided to create a look that would be just perfect for a date with Paris. I wore a black lace mlleepaulette top and paired it with an embroidered red Dolce skirt and matching heels from the D&G house, I also wore my miu miu shades and carried my classic black Chanel bag.

I walked the bridges of Paris and made a quick stop to a lovely bistro for Parisian brunch with some old friends. It was refreshing to be surrounded by familiar faces and to talk about cherished memories from what seems like only yesterday. I was also reminded of the importance of making each day unique and how we need to strive to make invaluable memories for in the end they are the only thing that perseveres. For more sneak peak and exclusive updates don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @remisabbah. 





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