Patterns in Architecture

            Milan, Italy







While in Milan I seized the opportunity to visit the Cathedral in the city – the largest church in Italy. I had read a lot about it. Oscar Wilde captured my attention when on his visit to Milan in 1875 he wrote to his mother “The Cathedral is an awful failure. Outside the design is monstrous and inartistic…everything is vile in it”. Through the passing of centuries this imposing building which took 600 years to complete had received criticism and praise alike. I knew I had to visit the site. I had to experience this amalgamation of styles in marble where an early version of Gothic meets Flamboyant architecture. I had to see with my own eyes this meeting point of centuries and craftsmanship.

Arriving there, I realized that art no matter how heavily criticized can never seize surprising the beholders of its beauty. Entering the building one feels little and trivial – art prevails. Art becomes the only thing of significance there and I lost myself in it. The visit to the Cathedral bolstered my confidence in the power of art. Art is boundless, transcendental and empowering and you can discover it everywhere from dramatic architecture to dramatic garments.

Wearing Mlle Epaulette fall/winter 2016

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  • Wow what a stunning feat of architecture. Your photos have captured it brilliantly! Would love to visit it one day and learn more. Love your pretty pink dress too!

    xx Yasmin

  • Violette

    These photos are so beautiful and si is architecture! Gorgeous as always!

  • Eliz Ida

    so regal! love it! xx



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