Paris Paris Paris


Bonjour mes cherries!!!! I have just returned to my flat after an exhausting day in the streets of the city of lights. Today I decided to walk around the Parisian streets along the Champs Elysees. Having the Eiffel tower as a perfect background I resolved to make a last minute photoshoot.

The glamorous French capital demands only the classiest choices in style so I chose to wear my white mlleepaulette palazzos, a black turtle neck top, my Chanel bag and a classy pair of sante heels. I was head over heels to be in Paris again so I just wanted to enjoy every moment and take it all in. I also made the pleasant discovery of a lovely garden in an alley that seemed forgotten by time.

I felt enveloped in the allure of the Renaissance architecture and the aroma of freshly baked croissants. It was like going back home for me, Paris was the place where I studied so I felt at ease while exploring the familiar streets discovering new places.

Having made the acquaintance of Paris anew, I went for a delicious meal with friends and ended the day with some wine tasting and a platter of cheese delicacies. Discover Paris with me by following me on Instagram @remisabbah.






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