Notting Hill


“All beautiful creatures are wild and free”

The past few weeks have probably been the most creative period of my entire life! I have put all my efforts into creating Mademoiselle Epaulette’s new A/W16 collection and it has been hectic! Every day involved giving interviews, organizing events and promoting the line through different collaborations.

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Golden Pieces


Acting like summer never ends, as summer is a state of mind!!  While looking through my summer vacation pictures I found that I totally forgot to update you about some posts, here is one of it from Mykonos.  Mykonos has really grown on me and it gets increasingly harder to think that I will have to bid this dreamy island farewell in a couple of days.


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Les Beaux Arts


Ever wonder what makes Paris so wonderfully versatile in architectural styles yet effortlessly flawless?

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A Day In Florence


It’s been more than a week and I am still head over heels with the Italy. I couldn’t visit the country of divine architecture without making a stop in Florence. So I packed my suitcases and moved to the city which Galileo described as “Constantly bathed in the colors of dawn”.

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