Place de la Concorde


Early morning shooting with the lovely photographer Daria Lorman at Place de la Concorde, the infamous public square in Paris. You need to go in the early morning around 8:30 if you want the square empty. The place itself takes you back hundreds of centuries to the french imperialism history, and that’s one of the main reasons that I picked a classic outwear from misselfridge and oasis.

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Q U E E N ‘ S R O A D


Hong Kong is known as one of the world’s most expensive and luxurious cities, after all it is Asia’s most cosmopolitan city.

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My Beirut


Beirut is a dynamic city that maintains its graphic architecture and unhampered natural beauty.

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Candy Bomber


It was such a lovely day and I decided to wear something comfy yet stylish to go out for a morning walk by the sea and enjoy the cool summer breeze. Wooden bridges and the paved paths line along luxurious hotels and restaurants with the sea a few steps away on the other side. It’s truly a delightful sight, the perfect way to recharge and start your day. It was a bit chilly in the morning so I wore one of my favorite bomber jackets by Candyshop Moscow specializes in customizing outfits.

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Minimal Bodycon


t was such a packed day but a woman should never neglect herself so I chose an outfit from my collection and set off for a busy schedule. After an afternoon coffee break with friends I enjoyed a brief walk in the paved roads near there, the houses have superb architecture with lovely gardens full of flowery exotic arrangements. Since nature is part of the Mademoiselle Epaulette spirit I decided to take some pictures and feature my outfit.

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