Leather & Denim


Every girl knows that denim and leather are to be cherished and never go out of fashion. We all have a pair of jeans and a leather jacket we like to call our BFFs. Today I combined denim with leather elements to make the perfect outfit proposal for a day out shopping or a relaxed evening with friends.

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This place has an amazing nature that I explored in my second stop in Ayutthaya. While visiting the temples on my way to the elephant ride, I discovered a beautiful Thai Chut boutique, Thai Chut is the traditional outfit of Thai people; I couldn’t resist not buying this royal outfit with its stunning accessories for my photoshoot.

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Summer Glam


Working around the clock doesn’t come easy but once in a while we need to devote time to family and friends. Sometimes our busy schedules demand that special outfit that will easily take us from day to night, today I am sharing with you my favourite ‘Keeping it fab all day long outfit’.

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My trip to BodrumTurkbuku was more than one could wish for, I had the chance to make wonderful memories, share unforgettable times with old friends and make enticing new acquaintances. Personally I had an amazing time friends that I hold close to my heart, we went on endless yacht rides and indulged in the gastronomic wonders of Turkish cuisine.

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