Walking Roma


I remember setting off yesterday evening to go for a midday walk in Rome’s Piazza de Popolo which translates as the people’s square.  I only wanted to go out for a brief walk to taste some traditional Italian cuisine and take pictures for my blog. Despite my intentions I have found myself encapsulated by Rome’s beauty, I kept walking and wandering around the pebbled streets. I felt like a fairytale princess lost in time, marveling at the beauty that this ancient town’s divine Renaissance architecture has to offer.

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While In Rome


I have found that the best way to unwind would be to travel to a place that felt close to heart. So I ended up in my own sanctuary of wanderlust, Rome! I am currently gazing out of my hotel window where I will be staying for the next few weeks, keeping you posted every step of the way. The weather has been more than kind to me in the past few days and I have been in a state of bliss and gratitude for all that I have achieved so far and all that remains to come.

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Styling Up Your Workspace


Life is what we make of it, and I choose to make my life an endless game full of fun, creativity and adventure. Today I am sharing with you my personal attitude towards life and work in a very inspired post. I always add some shrubs and pots to my work space while maintaining a simple and clear décor.

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Jardin des Tuileries


As one of the first parks to open to the public,you don’t want to miss the oldest Parisian garden of Tuileries. Sit back and enjoy the splendid green views filled with wonderful art pieces making the place an open-air museum. Soon enough you will realize that you are sitting in a master piece.

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