Mykonos Island


Mykonos is the island that never sleeps; my days there have been so majestic and busy! But once you get to Mykonos you will soon realize that sleep will be the last thing on your mind. Mykonos is one of the Cyclades islands in Greece, a cluster of islands in the Mediterranean sea. So let me show you around ….Mykonos is a vibrant place, also known as the island of the winds. The island is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world and it is no wonder that the economy of Mykonos is based solely on the tourism industry. People from all over the world visit it every year, turning the narrow paved streets into a cosmopolitan cocktail. You can find a lot of celebrities lying on the golden beaches and engage in myriads of activities, from extreme sports to nature walks and let’s not forget the parties in Mykonos are nonstop.  A word of advice, you need to reset your biological clock to Mykonos time because the clubs are relentless! On the island everyone sleeps till late, has breakfast in the afternoon, lunch at midnight and parties till the dawn of day.

The island is a perfect destination for practically everyone, you can go with your soul mate or with your best friends, I guarantee that you will have an amazing time. Keep in mind though that Mykonos comes with a price as the cost of living is higher than Monaco so be prepared to go over budget.

The streets are simply divine, there are flowers and lovely gardens everywhere, the colors that prevail are white and blue so there is an abundance of light and summer attitude all year round. Greek restaurants offer an amazing gastronomic experience, if you are
not the adventurous type you can always find any kind of cuisine to taste as the island offers an abundance of everything. In Mykonos everyone is very fashionable so shopping is definitely an option; you will find a great number of designer shops and brands to explore.

When in Mykonos, you need to be prepared for any occasion so be sure to pack your dresses along with your lightest clothes. I would advice comfy sneakers and espadrilles by day and sky high wedges by night. I wore aerial dresses by nasty gal which can be in perfect alignment with the minimalist beauty of the place. Wear them from day to night simply by slipping into a different pair of shoes.For me Mykonos is most definitely a must go to destination, having to part ways with Mykonos at the end of the trip was probably the only downside of this unforgettable experience!

My recommended list of must go places in Mykonos goes like this: Nammos Restaurant, Kalua praga, solimar beach, Nobu Matsuhisa Restaurant, Paradise beach resort, Guzel club, Caprice bar, Astra Club






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