Mykonian Vibes


Acting like summer never end, as summer is a state of mind!! while looking through my summer vacation pictures I found that I totally forgot to update you about some posts, here is one of it from Mykonos. More to come ..

I still can’t get over the eternal beauty of Mykonos. The Greek island combines blue and white hues in a picturesque canvas of beauty and everlasting sun! I am nearing the end of my short vacation and as always I couldn’t miss the opportunity to do some blogging along the way….

I decided to wear something very minimal that would enable me to walk around the island and take some unforgettable shots. I wore a short black dress, Hermes slippers and of course a white straw fedora hat that would keep my face out of the sun.

In Mykonos you are bound to get more sun that you could wish for, so skin care must be your number one priority. You should definitely pack moisturizers, sun creams, soft peelings, revitalizing masks and products with strong SUV protection.

Having done that you will be able to bring out your eternal
summer time girl attitude, you will have endless opportunities to dive into crystal clear bitches, walk in pebbled streets and dine in numerous traditional restaurants serving delicious Greek delicacies…

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