My life in short





Life is all about changes. That is the reason why we choose to travel or have our hair cut. We end up with suitcases full of a life-time precious experiences and a sleeker look alike. When all our actions align the continuity in our lives makes it easier for us to let our hair down and have a bit more fun. The flow of happiness is unobstructed and any negativity is easily discarded. Beaming with happiness and positivity I put on a light short dress with feather details at the hem- one of the pieces from Mlle Epaulette Spring/Summer 2017- and went for a stroll.

The picturesque scenery was truly rewarding. The serenity of the place added to my uplifted mood and this was the perfect prep for the busy fashion week in Milan that would follow.


Wearing: Mlle Epaulette Spring/Summer 2017

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