My Beirut


Falling in love with Beirut all over again, walk with me in beautiful Lebanon and I will guide you through the best places to see and visit…

I have just returned from my trip to my beloved Beirut and I am feeling nostalgic already. Beirut is a dynamic city that maintains its graphic architecture and unhampered natural beauty. The ambiance was truly mesmerising, it reminded me of how captivating the feral nature of Beirut can be. I was taken in by the waves of the seaside colliding on the mountainous rocks. The picturesque squares were filled with flowers and the fountains gave a fresh sent of a cosmopolitan breeze. I walked down the streets with some close friends and was reminded of the friendly nature of the locals, always ready to greet and get to know you. The warm welcoming nature of Beirut is evident everywhere you go.

For my trip downtown I chose an outfit befitting the situation, plain yet elegant. A simple pale pink mini dress from the Mlle Epaulette S/S 2014 collection, a Chanel bag, a pair of Le silla ballerinas and my brightest smile. I felt I was at home again, ready to mingle and have a lovely time. We sat to have a taste of traditional Beirut meze in one of the numerous traditional restaurants. It was an amazing gastronomic experience, a beautiful mixture of flavours and aromas. It was a day filled with the simple pleasures of life we take so often for granted.

Another place you must definitely visit while in Lebanon is Hamra Street, located near the American University it is a cosmopolitan street and a melting pot of people and cultures.

I chose to wear something casual and comfy because I had miles of shopping streets ahead of me. In the second outfit I am wearing a white t-shirt, ripped jeans, valentino esprandilles, prada shades and a chanel bag. I highly recommend visiting this street on week days you will find an abundance of places to shop and enjoy your afternoon coffee.

For a relaxing Sunday afternoon by the beach you should visit La Plage in Aimel Mereissi, a wonderful Lebanese restaurant by the sea. You can enjoy a view of the coasts of Beirut and taste a variety of Lebanese delicacies or have a shisha in variety of mesmerizing scents. In this occasion I chose to wear a black laced top and skirt and a pair of Lesilla ballerinas. This is an outfit that can take you from day to night and ensure that you will be a vision of elegance and class.

Finish your week by visiting Sky bar, one of Beirut’s most luxurious highscale clubs. Enjoy the view of Beirut and have a drink while listening to music by world famous DJs. This is one of my favourite places to be, I can unwind and have a good time with close friends. Just keep in mind that Sky bar is only open on weekends.  My trip to Beirut was over before I knew it but the invaluable memories I had there remain indelible.

Stay tuned for my next trip, you can find more photos from my journey to Beirut on instagram @remisabbah







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