Taking a look back at my instagram photo diaries, I came across the photos from my Monaco trip where I spent 3 Glamorous days this summer. After escaping the heat in Paris near the end of July, I enjoyed the sea on theCôte d’Azur. There are no words that can describe how beautiful Monaco is. I stopped a 100 times to take
pictures of the views I perceived.  I was blessed to have a luxurious trip going to the Casino de Monte Carlo, spending some time at the yacht club de Monaco, and driving on the French Riviera  just took me back to the 50’s and 60’s especially when I visited the Prince’s vintage car collection. Let’s say I got to experience the best of Monaco.

If you love high-end shopping, definitely Monaco has the most exclusive shops. I really enjoyed my stay at the Hermitage Hotel, had an amazing room with a divine view over Port Hercules. The major destinations tospend your nights would be Jimmy’s night club, Monte Carlo casino, and sunset watching at Life club. It’s fascinating that you can visit the whole principality in one day.






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