Lost In Fairyland Moscow



It’s been a few days now that I am wandering the streets of Moscow. The temperatures are always minus eight or so. I have come to Moscow to meet some dear friends and to explore some business as my brand mlle epaulette has developed and expanded even further.

After numerous business meeting and some long awaited reunions I have found some spare time to write about this whimsical place. Today I took a day off to enjoy my solitude and meet up with some close friends. I went out to explore the streets of Kremlin.  The Christmas spirit overwhelmed me, lights splendid décor and festive vibes poured through the pebbled streets. Everything merged together since Moscow’s architecture is simply other worldly, the buildings have an outlandish quality, the arched windows and sultan palaces look like they came straight out of a Norwegian fairytale.

I chose to wear something that would keep me warm and would allow me to maintain my personal sense of style and elegance. In Russia you shouldn’t be carried away by the dressing habits of local inhabitants, they have long now gotten used to the cold and the freezing breeze on their skin. If you live in a warmer climate ike I do make sure you pack your fuzziest wools and your furriest coats.

My outfit was a mixture of knits and fur, I chose to layer black elements and paired them with a pair of Gucci boots and my Chanel bag. I kept my hood on all day, and went for a really long walk which kept me active and warm, albeit I have to admit I was quite exhausted in the end. In the end of the day I needed to regain my strength so I ordered a borcht meat soup in a lovely cosmopolitan restaurant and then returned to my hotel for a sauna session. I am now all rested and enjoying a warm cup of coffee along with a traditional honey cake, Russian pastry is simply divine and should not be missed if you get the chance to visit Moscow.

As for me I will be back with more fashion scoop  in Moscow. Don’t forget to check my collaboration with CandyShop Moscow on there new Christmas Collection as I took part between The It-Girls Moscow 🙂 Remember to cherish every moment and if you ever need an extra dose of wanderlust follow me on Instagram @remisabbah as I will be in Istanbul for the weekend… kisses

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