just be

            London, UK




In lack of a resolutions list this year, I strolled the streets of London the first days of the year. I was walking in search of some peace and quiet- work life tends to get busy from time to time. I put on my warmest coat and went out to clear my head of the pressing thoughts that overwhelmed me. Walking I met hordes of people hurriedly rushing to their jobs. Keeping their heads glued to the ground only to take a glimpse at their smartphone screens, they walked busily to reach their destinations. I marveled at how they failed to see that they were missing the beautiful scenery.

I kept walking troubled by this and the many concerns that filled my head, when suddenly I realized that I was being part of the hypnotized crowd. I was utterly surprised and shocked. Losing no time, I came up with my goal for the day. I was going to simply enjoy my stroll, I was going to be in the moment. Not worrying about the future or the past, I just came to be for that day and for the endless days that followed and will follow.

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