Jardin des Tuileries


As one of the first parks to open to the public,you  don’t want to miss the oldest Parisian garden of Tuileries. Sit back and enjoy the splendid green views filled with wonderful art pieces making the place an open-air museum. Soon enough you will realize that you are sitting in a master piece.

Personally I enjoyed the silence, the surrounding scenery, watching people delightfully taken by their books; some of them were tanning while others are having a walk between the collections of classical statues sprinkled around the garden. This collection includes Rodin’s Le Baiser, Eve, La Meditation and many more…

Thanks to my lovely companion photographer Daria, we were able to take beautiful pictures of the Garden, where I was wearing a shorts and jacket from Sisley with blue Casadei shoes. 


Photos by Daria Lorman





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