Is- landing in Mykonos




Mykonos, the epitomy of the island life is the perfect place to blow off some steam and have a blast. After several months of hard work the time was right to is-land in Mykonos. The “island of the winds” charms with its infinite turqoise skies, its bright white traditional houses and its iconic 16th century white windmills standing atop a hill over Mykonos town. An avid visitor of this whimsical place myself I was equally impressed this time by its mythology. I heard the story from the welcoming residents of the island who never turn down an opportunity to socialise with the visitors and share the local legacy passed down to them generation after generation.

It is believed that Hercules, the son of Zeus, had lured the Titans on the island and killed them after a tremendous fight they had with the Father of Gods. The large rocks scattered all over the island are the corpses of the Titans. Spell-bound by the mythology of the place I chose to put on a March11 blue Kaftan and my Paloma Barcelo platforms to match the grand history of the island.

Wearing: March 11 Kaftan and Paloma Barcelo platforms

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