In Rome’s Breeze


I have just gotten back from a lovely trip to Rome, it was a time of peace, tranquility and creativity. I had the opportunity to unwind and release any tension created by my extremely demanding schedule. Since I am still reminiscent of my days in Rome, I’ve decided to share some photos of my day to night outfit I have chosen for a perfect luminous day walking along the ancient Colosseum.

I wore a wool blend frill skirt dress by Mlle Epaulette F/W 2015 Collection, a pair of black zara booties, my Michael Kors watch, shades by Dolce & Gabbana and a pink Chanel bag. I needed something comfortable yet fashionable. This outfit was definitely a head turner as it combined elegance and femininity with a trendy playful touch. Lace up flat boots are a must have for this season, they are trendy, comfy and can be paired with practically anything, from a flirty dress to an oversized jumper with a pair of jeggings. If you wish to make an effortless fashion statement, combining sophisticated dresses with lace boots brings an unexpected combination that will provoke style envy.

We walked around the square with my dear friend and photographer Marina and chatted on food, culture and architecture. We were overwhelmed with the cosmopolitan flare Rome had to offer. Time seemed to have flown by as we felt carefree and eager to explore the city. We took selfies and practiced our Italian with street vendors and street performers. The day ended with at a lovely Italian pasteria which, a vibrant place filled with positive vibes in a welcoming ambiance. We had raditional thin crusted margarita pizzas and a glass of Nebbiolo.

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