I usually take you with me when I travel and have my wanderlustadventures, I guide you through street styles I stumble across and talk to you about what’s trending. Recently I have been trying to show you what another aspect of my daily life, namely fashion design.

As a fashion designer I am always out and about providing for my brand and researching so that I can produce innovative, head turning collections of utmost quality. Today we have been busy shooting my new Fall Winter 2015 collection and it was a truly incredible experience.

I had to wake up very early in the morning and get to the place of the shoot; I chose ‘Library’ an upscale meeting point for intellectuals and people with artistic endeavors. I also needed to make sure the dim lighting was set and that a perfectly relaxed and creative atmosphere was in place.

My newly discovered muse Eva Guivan is a young stunning girl who would have her first shoot so I wanted her to relax and feel part of mlle epaulette.

The atmosphere was electric, uplifting music was playing in the background which gave room for positive vibes, the work was hectic but the results were impeccable. In the end of the day I wanted everyone to feel part of a productive evening and an experience that only mlle epaulette can offer.

I chose a venue that would be in accordance with the alluring and dark attitude of the new collection, a posh place with bare minimalistic décor and mystifying allure. I also cared for the accessories, shoes and make up that complimented the fatal feminine sensuality that I wanted to promote.

“Le ciel dans une chambre” is the name I chose for my new collection as I do believe it encompasses the night sky in one room. The beguiling materials are mysterious and bewitching since lace, leather, satin, and silk were the predominating elements. Eva’s intoxicating beauty couldn’t compliment my garments any better than it did, her poses were effeminate and her essence was beguiling. My dear friend and incredibly talented photographer Marina Minibaeva was behind the lense, she took the most fascinating pictures which will all beshortly featured. For now I leave you with a backstage glamour glimpse of what
has been going on behind the scenes…

I would love to hear your thoughts on the results. For more pictures on the demo of “Le ciel dans une chambre” visit @remisabbah on Instagram; check out the lookbook very soon and our facebook page. Kisses xx





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