Glam In London Town


Wearing: Mlle Epaulette

Clutch: YSL





To me a NEW YEAR is another chance to celebrate life, discover ourselves, learn new things, explore the world and meet new people. Yes we have to meet new people and allow our minds and beliefs to expand so as to be able to think outside the box. This New Year I have worked with Marina on new styles and new ideas to bring glam looks to the city of London. My stay in London was perfect, long but just long enough to discover the city. In the next post I will reveal a list of the best places for jetsetters. So make sure you have your notebooks and your husband’s credit card ready.

Remember every day needs to be celebrated. So I hope you had a brilliant new start. I am wearing my design from AW2016 New Collection. #Alloverblack top & skirt. For more on my style and wanderlust follow me: Instagram@remisabbah London2016

Loads of love xxx

Photography by Marina Minibaeva





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