I woke up in Instabul, refreshed and enthralled by its alluring Eastern ambience. Inspired by the sweetest weather I could hope for, I felt helplessly drawn to nature. Summer was the perfect time to engulf myself in the golden luminosity of the sun and the dazzling natural surroundings. Walking in a majestic garden of unparalleled beauty I was spellbound by the morning dew charmingly dripping off the delicate flower petals. I couldn’t help but feel like a fragile heroine in one of the myriads of Eastern fairy tales of love and chivalry.

Standing at the bottom of the grand staircase an epiphany dawned on me. I was not frail, I did not fit it the old-fashioned mould for female witches or beautiful princesses waiting to be saved by prince charming.

I was dressed in my armour of choice a black lace dress with a floor sweeping kaftan cascading over its stunning embroidery paired with high heeled golden sandals for a touch of glamour. I was standing there empowered and emblematic of what women have achieved through the passing of centuries. We, females feel comfortable in our own skin, we are becoming the ambassadors of self love and self-acceptance and fashion has become our best ally in our everlasting journey. Tapping into our divine power; particular to our tribe we begin our magnificent ventures of daring to find our own uniqueness and style in our modern fairy tales.

The dress and kaftan are from MlleEpaulette

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