Chamonix Insta-Diary


Visiting Charmonix has been quite a breathtaking experience.An amazing place isolated in the French Alps, the beautiful wooden chateaux and welcoming quaint restaurants are perhaps the sole comfort you will find from the relentlessly low temperatures. I would definitely recommend Le Monchu restaurant which offers a unique gastronomic experience, you can grill your own cheese and local delicacies heated stove while sipping French brewed wine.

A must visit place in Charmonix is Aiguille du Midi, the highest observatory on Earth. The blistering winds will make you long for a hot beverage. Once you take a look at the view however you will not have a single doubt as to whether it was worth the trouble. Make sure you wear fur and wool, and take a long oversized coat that will accommodate your needs. The oxygen levels at the top are only 35% but it’s the awe inspiring scenery that will take your breath away.

Another not to miss destination in Charmonix is the Grotte Mer De Glace, the sea of ice definitely gives justice to its name. You need to keep this one off your itinerary however if you are afraid of heights. The descent into the abyss of the icecaps through glass stairs seem endless and once you go forth you will need to reach the bottom. It takes about 40 minutes to complete the journey to the bottom of the icecap and you will feel so proud of your achievement once you have pulled through.

As a final note you can’t miss the ski slopes, there are different places to rent your ski equipment and the price range varies so be a bit prudent with your choice. My sole advice is to pack everything you will need cautiously as you will no doubt travel heavy so you need to choose pieces that can be mix and matched. Want to see more travel and fashion guides? Follow @remisabbah on Instagram






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