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Bewitched in Milan

            Milan, Italy

Sophia Loren and Claudia Cardinale two of the most bewitching beauties of all times are only two of the innumerous Italian divas who paved the way and defined class and elegance. Reveling in the view from my balcony there was only one thing I could think of – how Italy with its many facets is highly addictive.

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While In Rome


I have found that the best way to unwind would be to travel to a place that felt close to heart. So I ended up in my own sanctuary of wanderlust, Rome! I am currently gazing out of my hotel window where I will be staying for the next few weeks, keeping you posted every step of the way. The weather has been more than kind to me in the past few days and I have been in a state of bliss and gratitude for all that I have achieved so far and all that remains to come.

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