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Place de la Concorde


Early morning shooting with the lovely photographer Daria Lorman at Place de la Concorde, the infamous public square in Paris. You need to go in the early morning around 8:30 if you want the square empty. The place itself takes you back hundreds of centuries to the french imperialism history, and that’s one of the main reasons that I picked a classic outwear from misselfridge and oasis.

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Jardin de Luxembourg


The Luxembourg Gardens have all that charm and uniqueness about Parisian parks. You should not miss the walkways through the shaded paths. I decided on an afternoon to get away from the noise and heat, and to have a long escape and explore the gardens. The tree, the bench lined paths are marvelous. The tulip flowers, and the circular pools teem with boats nudged along by children is a beautiful spot for families or lovers.

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