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That Red Dress


There isn’t more fun than enjoying the company of Marina by the beach. We took our stuff to this lovely place at  Cape Greco  in Cyprus.  I decided to wear a red flared dress with a gold plated belt from Mlle Epaulette accessories collection, adding to the mix some gold jewellery and a Rolex submariner.


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Cape Greco


A very popular tourist site, one of the most spectacular caves you will see; a stunning natural wonder. The Cypriot Island is known for the beauty of its sea caves, so I visited the exceptionally beautiful Cape Greco. I spent a perfect day styling and shooting the lovely views of the coastline. The beaches of the island are exotic with magnificent beauty as you can see the caves in the pictures behind me.

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It was on a hot mid-summer day in Cyprus when I decided to start up my blog and travel adventure.

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