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My Beirut


Beirut is a dynamic city that maintains its graphic architecture and unhampered natural beauty.

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Minimal Bodycon


t was such a packed day but a woman should never neglect herself so I chose an outfit from my collection and set off for a busy schedule. After an afternoon coffee break with friends I enjoyed a brief walk in the paved roads near there, the houses have superb architecture with lovely gardens full of flowery exotic arrangements. Since nature is part of the Mademoiselle Epaulette spirit I decided to take some pictures and feature my outfit.

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Denim Reconstructed


It was a warm sunny afternoon and I was walking down the paved streets of the old part of the town.

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Minimal Glam


I was in a summer mood and the weather was simply divine so I decided to take a long morning stroll in the gardens by the pool. There was a cool summer breeze and the shrubs were freshly tended by the gardener and there was a sweet smell of moaned grass. It was a truly impeccable ambiance and the sun was gentle on my tanned skin.

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