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While I was walking on the old mosaic paved streets of Limassol I took a moment to appreciate the classic architecture enriched by the plethora of cultures that have once settled inCyprus, everything is enlightened by the welcoming vibes of the lively inhabitants and store owners.


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Leather & Denim


Every girl knows that denim and leather are to be cherished and never go out of fashion. We all have a pair of jeans and a leather jacket we like to call our BFFs. Today I combined denim with leather elements to make the perfect outfit proposal for a day out shopping or a relaxed evening with friends.

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Summer Glam


Working around the clock doesn’t come easy but once in a while we need to devote time to family and friends. Sometimes our busy schedules demand that special outfit that will easily take us from day to night, today I am sharing with you my favourite ‘Keeping it fab all day long outfit’.

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Syntagma Square


While in Athens, I could not miss visiting Syntagma Square which is a beautiful square located in heart of the capital. The architecture is a mixture of neoclassical elements and exotic ottoman touches. In the east you can find the Greek Parliament surrounded by the awe inspiring National Gardens which are open to the public. The Parliament is guarded 24/7 by the Presidential Guard, every hour there is a wonderful ceremony for the changing of the guards. The ancient agora and Parthenon are also at a walking distance so make sure you allow sufficient time and plan your itinerary accordingly.

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