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Is- landing in Mykonos


Mykonos, the epitomy of the island life is the perfect place to blow off some steam and have a blast.

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            London, United Kingdom

“Plane landing down in London do not fail to seize the chance to visit ravishingly beautiful Notting Hill” read my travel book and I had to follow the advice. I had already visited the area innumerous times but each time felt like the first; it never failed to astonish me with its cosmopolitan vibe and new cultural happenings.  Located in West London, this upscale district renowned for its cultured character has a lot to flaunt.

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            Limassol, Cyprus

Home is what feels like home and home is where love is found. Home is where your heart is; pieces of it scattered along the pulsating veins of the globe shared with people you stumble upon on your perpetual journey.

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Glam In London Town


To me a NEW YEAR is another chance to celebrate life, discover ourselves, learn new things, explore the world and meet new people.

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