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Walking Beirut


I decided to take a walk downtown and act as your personal tour guide through the streets of Beirut. Historically Beirut’s architecture has been greatly influenced by a multitude of civilizations from the Greek and Romans to the Ottomans and Arabs. In our modern era, Beirut has been showered with luxury and modern architectural wonders.


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Glam By Night


Yesterday I decided to visit the Eiffel Tower at night just to show you the whimsical sight of the tower dressed in gold. For only a few minutes the Eiffel Tower is showered by gilded lights that have passersby bewildered. I constantly travel to different places, looking at the wondrous structures created by mankind yet each one has a special place in my heart. I believe that travel changes you, it challenges you to cultivate your soul and it marks yours when you are reluctant to leave the fairytale behind.

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Chamonix Insta-Diary


Visiting Charmonix has been quite a breathtaking experience.An amazing place isolated in the French Alps, the beautiful wooden chateaux and welcoming quaint restaurants are perhaps the sole comfort you will find from the relentlessly low temperatures.

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