Budapest, Hungary





Budapest, Hungary’s lovely capital city is one of the most charming European cities and of course I would never turn down an offer to visit it. Arriving determined to have the best of times, I had a long checklist of places to visit in hand, a number of days to cross off everything and the best of companies. I couldn’t hold my excitement when we arrived at Buda Castle. The start of our day definitely put a smile on our faces. Declared a World Heritage Sight is must –see, must-visit place for the helplessly romantics like myself. This historical castle and palace complex of the Hungarian Kings oozes history, royalty and greatness.

 Having being destroyed and reconstructed innumerous times it stands in the hearts of the city as the ideal symbol for regeneration. Just like a phoenix rising out of its ashes this castle withstood the hardships of centuries emerging to all its glory simply, quietly, persistently; just like humans do. My long white dress perfectly reflected the mood I was in; lighter, more confident, and reinvented.

Wearing : Charoruizibiza

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