Athenian Beauty


Hello my loves, how have you been? I do hope you have been
spending your summer productively and creatively… 
I decided to take a last minute trip to Athens since I had already explored the Greek islands. Greece is always a good idea since it combines neoclassical architecture, glamorous streets, ancient heritage and an ideal opportunity for educational trips.
Just 12 km northeast of Athens’ city center you will find an exquisite suburb called Kifisia. It is the most expensive suburb of the city with an abundance of brand shops, outstanding gourmet restaurants, lavish parks and architecture with Ottoman and Roman influences. It’s also an ideal place for a travel blogger to take pictures, so I decided to give you a taste of Athenian elite while showcasing a local Greek designer whose dress I recently bought. 
Being in the city of muses I decided that I felt the need to become my own inspiration and wore a total black maxi flared dress that would provide me with sufficient comfort to withstand a hot summer’s day and still maintain that classic minimal glam. I completed my outfit with wedge sandals and a Hermes bag.

I spent my day at the monumental buildings and did quite some shopping. While in Greece I would advise you to wear lightweight summer outfits and have your bikini at hand. The Greek beaches are of utmost beauty and the opportunities to
explore the vicinity are endless.

For those of you who are on a budget Greece is also the ideal choice since there are a lot of packages and opportunities being offered after the recent events regarding the economic recession. Why not combine an opportunity to travel with a chance to support and contribute to the economic growth of this unparalleled in beauty place?

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