Oh, the places you ‘ll go


Being a perpetual seeker from a young age helps you endure all, adopt an optimistic outlook have an everlasting excitement for life. Life is a game and once you figure that out you start playing the game retaining your childhood enthusiasm.

The pearl of the orient

            Hong Kong

Hong Kong, the Pearl of the Orient is a part of the world I truly hold dear in my heart. One of the busiest places on the planet is one of the most mesmerizing things for me. As a fashion designer I am fascinated by the enticing music notes that echo in my mind every time I spend time there.

Multi-colored London

            London, UK

My stay in London would soon be over so on my last day I was roaming the streets of the glorious city to run a few last errands. I enjoyed my visit there as much as I did all of the other times I had the opportunity to land in this whimsical place. This time my enjoyment was of a special kind. The things I appreciated about the city were different this time.

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cheers to all the lunatics

            London, UK

The enticing vibes of London, found their way around my head once more. Chilling alone in my room at Claridge’s I stumbled upon a magazine on Lana Del Rey and her alluring art. Going over her life I came to the realization that life is supposed to be fun and pouring a glass of champagne I pondered upon the fluidity of life.

New year, better you

            London, United Kingdom

In all honesty, I have not put together a resolutions list for the year. I have decided that my goals will be determined day by day and I will be filling my days with spontaneity. My story will be writing itself and I know that a better wiser “me” will be reminiscing about it this time next year.



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