Marvelling in Bodrum

            Bodrum, Turkey

It was the irresistible eternal sunshine that lured me to the balcony of my idyllic “bedroom” in Bodrum. Gazing unobstructed as far as the eye can see I marveled at the mesmerizing blue of the sea and the busy waters. I wanted my outfit to reflect the carefree vibes of the city so I matched my look with the enticing colors of the sky.

Is- landing in Mykonos


Mykonos, the epitomy of the island life is the perfect place to blow off some steam and have a blast.

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            Limassol, Cyprus

The bewitching attributes of nature make it a staple in my life just like fashion which reflects the mood and inspiration in my life.

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            London, United Kingdom

Waking up in London town, I could not help but wonder where the sense of reverence and awe I was overwhelmed with, was emerging from. It had been troubling my mind for quite some time and I felt helpless in discovering the answer. The sweetest weather urged me to go outside; walking around always helps I thought and I had to revel in the city one more time.


            London, United Kingdom

“Plane landing down in London do not fail to seize the chance to visit ravishingly beautiful Notting Hill” read my travel book and I had to follow the advice. I had already visited the area innumerous times but each time felt like the first; it never failed to astonish me with its cosmopolitan vibe and new cultural happenings.  Located in West London, this upscale district renowned for its cultured character has a lot to flaunt.